Wedge Foil to Arm Bolt Only
Bakes Price:  $2.00
Item: 1173908
Wedge Spring for Slide Pin Floating Wedge Foil
Bakes Price:  $11.99
Item: 6176102
Wedge Thumb Pin for Floating Wedge Foil
Bakes Price:  $16.99
Item: 6176103
Wedge Slide Pin for Floating Wedge Foil
Bakes Price:  $22.99
Item: 6176101
Swim Step Latch For Wedge Trap Door
Bakes Price:  $75.99
Item: 5651014.1
Wedge Foil Replacement Crossover Tube Only
Bakes Price:  $89.99
Item: 000354
Wedge Foil Replacement Support Arm Only
Bakes Price:  $209.99
Item: 000353
Power Wedge Actuator 5 Lobe Malibu Boats
Bakes Price:  $275.00
Item: 197834
Ronix Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper with Shims XL
Regular Price:  $649.99
Bakes Price:  $649.99
Item: 177600
Malibu Wedge Foil SV23 Wakesetter Hull
Bakes Price:  $749.99
Item: 8900011
Malibu Wedge Foil Diamond Hull
Bakes Price:  $749.99
Item: 8900009
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