Babe's Boat Care Bucket of Babes BAB-BB7501
Product Description:

Bucket of BABE'S is packaged in a heavy-duty plastic bucket with a hinged-top for easy access. A great way to store everything you need to keep your boat looking new. Bucket of BABE’S includes a 16 oz. bottle of each product, an additional gallon of BABE'S Boat Bright and a 4-pack of Extreme Performance Towels.

Cleaning Kit Includes:
  • Gallon BABE's Boat Bright
  • 16 oz. BABE's Boat Bright
  • 16 oz. BABE's Seat Soap
  • 16 oz. BABE's Seat Saver
  • 16 oz. BABE's Spot Solver
  • 16 oz. BABE's Boat Bubbles
  • 16 oz. BABE's Boot Butter
  • Package (4) Extreme Performance Towels
  • Heavy Duty EZ Store HDPE Plastic Bucket with hinged top for easy access.

Bakes Price: $94.99
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