Acme 449 3 Blade Propeller 13x12.625 LH
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Precision machined propellers by Acme have revolutionized the propeller manufacturing industry. All Acme Propellers are 100% CNC machined

Computer Numerically Controlled milling machines provide an extremely accurate and consistent means for removing metal. This method of production, relative to hand-finished, translates into Acme Propeller perfection, and the elimination of one big variable in boat performance.

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Acme 449 Propeller Details
  • Propeller Diameter: 13" Inches
  • Propeller Pitch: 12.625" Inches
  • Propeller Cup Size: .080" Inches
  • Propeller Shaft Bore: 1 1/8" Inches
  • Propeller Rotation: Left Hand Rotation
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