ZF Transmission Oil Filter Hurth
Product Description:

Hurth Transmission Oil Filter commonly found on Mastercraft Transmission V-Drive Combo Drives.

Product Specs:
  • Common On Mastercraft Boats
  • Includes Filter element and gaskets.
  • This Filter Fits 450D, 630A1, 630H1, 630V1, 800A2, 800A3 ZF Hurth transmissions.
  • How to Check Transmission Oil Level: With the engine and transmission at operating temperature, place control lever in neutral and shut down the engine. Remove the dipstick. Wipe the dipstick clean and insert the dipstick into the transmission (do not screw in), withdraw, and check the fluid level. Add or remove fluid as necessary to bring the fluid level to the proper level. Replace dipstick and screw into housing.

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