Piggyback Ballast Kit Valve System and Fly High 750lbs Bag

COMBO DEAL! Save when you purchase a Bake's Factory Ballast Piggyback Valve System and a Fly High W707 bag together!

Easily add a ballast bag to your factory ballast system WITHOUT drilling any holes in the hull. Easy do-it-yourself project plumbing in your bags to expand your factory system. Allows your factory tank to fill first then the roll the valve over to re-direct water flow from your factory fill pump to the bag. Simple and reliable system you can add on any boat with factory ballast currently installed with out much trouble or parts. Wire the drain pump with your factory drain or install a separate switch to drain the bag.

Bake's Factory Ballast Piggyback Valve System & Fly High 750lbs Bag Includes:
  • Qty 1 - Fly High W707 750 lbs. Ballast Bag
  • Qty 1 - 3/4" Directional Valve
  • Qty 25' Ft - 3/4 Premium Ballast Hose
  • Qty 1 - Complete 800 GPH Piranha Pump
  • Qty 8 - All Stainless #10 Hose Clamps
  • Qty 1 - Ballast "Y" Fitting
  • Qty 1 - Fly High W745 3/4" Pump Thread to Hose Barb
  • Qty 2 - Fly High W736 Male Quick Connect Fitting
  • Qty 2 - Fly High W742 Female Quick Connect Elbow Fitting

Fly High W707 Bag Product Description:

Fly High Pro X Series fat sacs are the ultimate in ballast for your wake boat. Fly High's new line of Pro X Series Quick Connect fat sacs are made with Valmex material. Valmex is similar to the materials used in making river rafts. This makes punctures and abrasions much less likely to happen and allows you to give these sacs the abuse they can often take with a boat load of people and gear that gets tossed around.

This Fat Sac is the staple Fly High Wake Surf Sac and fits perfectly in the compartment of your v-drive boat to produce a nice wake for surfing. It offers large weight capacity and is a top seller. Will also conform to fit in other places and in other type boats.

The Pro X Series ballast bags are made with a little extra care and consideration. These bags look stronger, feel stronger, and are stronger than the competition. The fittings make life much easier, especially when used with Fly High's Tsunami Pump. Quicker fill, quicker drain, and more confidence that your ballast bags will hold up so you can get on the water with no worries.

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