Exile Audio ZLD MK2 Preamp Zone Line Controller
Product Description:

ZLD MKII takes marine audio to the next level with ultra high definition signal processing and independent zone control for cabin / tower / sub-woofer level control.

11 on whats new: The MKII is redesigned from the ground up. We wanted to make the MKII a true satement piece for your boat. On the outside, the controls are seperated for independant zone control (Cabin / Tower / Sub). The controls are LED illuminated and push button "pop up" style for simple control. Input gains are inverted to the bottom of the chasis but remain user configurable. The chassis itself is more rugged water resistant design and utlizes sealed "Tiffany" style RCA inputs that actualy screw down to the chasis itself. The face is anodized grained aluminum. Even the knobs have been refined and CNC turned aluminum for a high end feel to the user. The upgrades continue inside the box: All new surface mount (SMD) circuit design pysically shrinks the audio circuit for a more efficient layout. The PCB is 4 layer glass epoxy and is conformal coated to provide a barrier between moisture and the electronics. The actual audio path in the MKII has been upgaded and incorporates a "cascading" op amp feature that lowers THD and distortion significantly over our competitiors. Line driver output voltae has been increased 30% to provide a full 9V specification. Everywehre you look, the new ZLD MKII is totally new.

Exile ZLD (Zone Line Driver)

Product Specs:
  • Control all three zones separate -Cabin, Tower and Sub Woofer
  • Built-in line driver increases amplifier RCA input voltages
  • Supplements Audio source player output
  • Master Volume control
  • Front Sub EQ control
  • Full range EQ controls
  • All Exile XM Amplifier Wiring Diagrams & Configuration Options (PDF)

  • Bakes Price: $300.00
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