Exile Audio ZLD Preamp Zone Line Controller MK2
Product Description:

Meet the all new pre-amp Exile Audio Zoned Line Driver (ZLD for short). It may look simple, and Exile designed it that way to be user friendly. Do not let simplicity fool you, the ZLD circuit design boasts the highest sound quality of 99% of the preamp eq's on the market.

The Exile Audio ZLD gets its back bone from a Burr Brown amplifier, a widely recognized industry leader in superior sound quality and performance. Exile spared no expense in packing the Exile ZLD full of features that give you complete control and superb sound quality!

Exile ZLD (Zone Line Driver)

Product Specs:
  • The compact controller design offers everything a user needs to control all three zones of their boats audio system --Cabin, Tower and Sub
  • Built-in line driver increases amplifier input voltages
  • Supplements source player output
  • User controls make sense and are oversized with easy to reach locations.
  • Utilizes Master Volume control
  • Fader control (Tower / Cabin)
  • Independent Sub level control
  • Sub EQ control
  • Full range EQ controls

Bakes Price: $300.00
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