Marine Hardware 1-1/8" Prop Shaft & ZF Hurth V-Drive Reverse Coupler
Product Description:

When replacing a shaft, we recommend replacement with a factory assembled shaft - coupler set. Marine Hardware assemblies are precision bored, honed, faced, straightened, and balanced to ensure concentricity and reduce vibration and shaft whip. Materials are the highest quality available in the industry, and all machining meets or exceeds ABYC standards. Our assemblies are shipped complete with all keys, nuts, and cotter pin.

Product Specs:
  • Factory Shaft & Coupler used on Malibu Boats equipped with a 8.1 Engine
  • Factory Shaft & Coupler used on Malibu Boats & Many other Ski & Wakeboard Boat manufactures
  • Double Tapered Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Shaft for ZF Hurth 63 & ZF 845 V-drives. Coupler is a reverse mount (shaft goes through the v-drive and connects to the front of the v-drive.
  • Lines Machined into the body of the coupler identify shaft size. 1 Grove = 1" Diameter Shaft & 2 Groves = 1-1/8" Diameter Shaft
  • Reverse V-drive Coupler has Four 7/16" Mounting Holes
  • Reverse V-Drive Coupler Bolt Spacing Measures Diagonally Across the Face Center on Center 4-1/4"
  • Reverse V-Drive Coupler Face Measures 5" inches Outside Diameter
  • Assembly Comes with all new keys, nuts and cotter pins.
  • Custom Made to your specifications; 3 day eta to ship. No returns on custom manufactured parts.

Note: When measuring assembled length, make sure to measure from the face of the coupler flange (seated all the way on the shaft) to the end of the shaft as depicted in the photo

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