Indmar ATF Dextron Mercron Transmission Oil Quart
Product Description:

Indmar's Transmission Fluid's state-of-the-art additive system provides ultimate transmission protection and peak performance in passenger cars, sports utility vehicles and light duty trucks.

Indmar's ATF is a premium fluid designed and recommended for use in automatic transmissions previously serviceable by GM DEXRON-III and FORD MERCON brands.

Transmission Benefits:
  • Superior wear protection
  • Excellent frictional properties for smooth shifting
  • Excellent anti-shudder performance
  • Good seal compatibility
  • Protection against varnish and sludge formation
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Outstanding low-temperature performance
Product Specs:
  • Formulated with select base stocks for added resistance to thermal
  • Provides active anti-wear agents to protect critical transmission components
  • Delivers added resistance to fluid oxidation in severe operating conditions
  • Shear-stable viscosity modifiers provide stay-in-grade protection

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